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What is IoT Data Roaming and Why is it Important to Get it Right?

1 March, 2022 | Isil Sumer
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The internet of things (IoT) market has been expanding at a rapid rate in the past decade. This leads to a demand that enables new opportunities for businesses by expanding connectivity solutions.

Studies indicate that there will be five billion IoT devices by 2025, 70% of which will rely on cellular connections.

As the technology expands and mobile data networks are scattered across the globe, IoT provides an excellent opportunity for companies to expand their businesses beyond borders. We believe it’s essential for such companies to look for reliable IoT data roaming solutions, which would allow their devices to transmit data via the most secure and most affordable means.

What is IoT data roaming?

Cellular IoT devices need to connect wirelessly to a mobile network to transmit data. Unlike consumer devices which can easily be charged or settings changed, IoT devices are often required to run for some time on their built-in power source, without needing human intervention.

Considering the unpredictable data volume, varieties, and usage patterns of IoT devices, it is quite clear that IoT data roaming is very different from consumer roaming in that the management of data traffic is crucial and connectivity is essential to be able to monitor, measure and monetise the traffic.

IoT Roaming in Africa

Mobile connectivity in Africa continues to be the fastest-growing consumer market in the world. However, IoT roaming is still emerging. Since countries across the continent have varying stages of economic development, with significant differences in inflation rates and currency exchange rates, IoT data roaming could be an expensive option in some African countries.

For companies opting for IoT roaming in Africa, controlling mobile data connectivity packages is critical. Global roaming data SIMs also don’t always perform as well in Africa. The dream of a global Sim that performs well in every country, with every type of hardware and at low data costs is not real.

With SIMcontrol, we help companies decide which IoT roaming option meets their needs and help them decide the best IoT data roaming option for their specific device deployment taking cost and reliability into account.

We offer three core global roaming network options, optimised for African or global roaming. This means that you can reliably connect your IoT and machine-to-machine devices even in the most difficult and remote areas.

The benefits include:

  • Scalable and easy deployment to different locations. With managed data roaming, companies can add and manage SIMs abroad with the same flexibility as a local SIM.
  • Gives you control, ensuring reliable connectivity. The online platform allows monitoring of SIM spending and controls costs. No bill shock.
  • Choice of roaming SIM. We make sure you select the best SIMs depending on which countries your devices are being deployed to. SIMs from different roaming networks are managed on a single online platform, with a single payment wallet.
  • More than 10 years of experience in African data roaming. Deploying devices across many countries (especially in Africa) requires careful planning and a data roaming solution that is suited for the specific project. With our global IoT roaming options, you can manage your costs without data commitments, contracts or bill shock.

You can find a complete list of benefits on the SIMcontrol Global Roaming product page. Learn more about how SIMcontrol enables reliable enterprise mobile connectivity. Speak to a consultant today.

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