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IoT Security: SIM Management Tool for Smart Security Devices

18 May, 2022 | Isil Sumer
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How IoT is reshaping the future of security and surveillance

Protecting and securing the facilities against robbery, injury and other incidences is a key concern of most businesses and facility operators. Basic alarms and surveillance systems, or CCTV have been in use for a long time in the past couple of decades, however without being connected to each other through data networks and only recording video footage to be reviewed later.

 But, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions have also become smarter and gained the ability to connect to each other. Wireless communication technologies such as LTE and narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) improved the speed and the coverage of the network beyond copper and fibre, and also provided faster streaming and better video quality.

 How Smart Security Industry Uses IoT 

 According to recent market research, the IoT security industry is expected to grow from 8.2 billion to 35.2 billion by 2023 globally. As expected, like any other industry in the age of IoT, the security industry is also looking for new ways to consolidate high-tech security appliances to offer clients more comprehensive solutions. 

For example, smart security systems let users remotely monitor and manage their facilities in real-time, alerting building owners of unusual behavior or unexpected attempts to access the facilities. Unlike traditional home security systems, smart security systems continue to monitor and send alerts, even when disarmed. 

Many smart security solutions rely on mobile data connectivity. Ensuring this connectivity is managed correctly is a critical part of such solutions. 

5 important factors for security industry to consider when choosing the right data SIM Management Tool

In terms of security, reliable connectivity is a major asset for clients. Regardless of the SIM being used as the primary connectivity method or as a fail-over or back-up, the SIMcontrol cellular IoT data connectivity platform assures that all essential elements of a security solution stays online. 

  1. Reliable Connection and SIM supply: For many security devices, having a reliable SIM supply with quick activation and ongoing management becomes important. A smart security system is only valuable as long as the system is connected. By providing access to multiple networks, SIMcontrol assures that your security system is always connected – even if a network drops out.
  2. Quick and Easy: SIM management can seem easy when you’re starting off, but it quickly gets complicated as your SIM base grows. With our easy-to-use, online SIM management platform you can manage your SIMs, data and users. 
  3. Reliable support and maintenance: While there can sometimes be teething problems with IoT device management and on-boarding, as long as these are quickly sorted, it is a good experience for the customer. Having an experienced partner to help you manage your SIM fleet gives you a great advantage. With our technical team specialized in telco, we quickly identify your problem and provide you with assistance tailored to your company.
  4. Limit your mobile spending: To keep the security system running for as long as possible, we developed a model in which you only pay for what you need. Eliminate the risk of SIM abuse and save on data by capping your costs on the SIM level. You never experience bill shock. No contracts and no long-term volume commitments!
  5. Manage different SIMs from all networks on one platform: SIMcontrol is network agnostic, meaning that you can manage SIMs from different networks on one online platform and on a single shared APN. This ensures you always have secure connections with high-speed, robust, and reliable data connectivity, without having to rely on a single mobile network. 

 Security technology has specific requirements from an IoT/M2M connectivity viewpoint, things which have become standard features of SIMcontrol service over the years. This includes SIM-level reporting, SIM-level spend caps, data session history, SIM health checks, roaming options, and many more. As devices are typically not physically reachable, remote troubleshooting is vital.

No single SIM is ideal for every application. Business Prepaid, Business Contract, Managed APN or Global Roaming options all offer varying pros and cons. Whether you are deploying alarm systems, tracking devices, guard monitoring systems, panic buttons, cash boxes, remote CCTV or any other security technology, SIMcontrol can assist you to find, deploy and manage the best SIM for the job at a cost that suits your business model.

 Speak to a consultant to learn more about how SIMcontrol gives you affordable and efficient enterprise connectivity.

SecureX South Africa 

As SIMcontrol, we will be exhibiting at SecureX South Africa​ at Gallagher Convention Centre from 31 May to 02 June 2022. Visit us at stand E32!

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