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[Video] Understanding the 2G Sunset and Embracing NB-IoT for Enhanced IoT Connectivity

18 September, 2023 | Isil Sumer
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Last year, telecommunications operators in South Africa started phasing out 2G and 3G networks, aligning with the global move towards advanced technologies in IoT Connectivity. To delve deeper into the implications of this transition for IoT businesses in South Africa, check out our previous article: What the 2G and 3G Phase-Out Means for Your IoT Business in SA.

In light of these changes, we recently engaged in an in-depth discussion on the 2G sunset and the rise of Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) with Digital Matter, a leading company in IoT connectivity solutions.

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What to Expect in this video:

  • NB-IoT: The Low-Power, Cost-Effective IoT Connectivity Solution in South Africa
  • Facing the Challenges: How the 2G Sunset Impacts IoT Deployment
  • Smart Metering and Asset Tracking: Practical Applications of NB-IoT
  • Industry Insights: The Future of NB-IoT in South Africa

NB-IoT: A Superior IoT Connectivity Solution

The conversation began by focusing on the launch of NB-IoT technology on the Vodacom Network in South Africa. The technology shines for its low power consumption and cost-effective data transmission, making it a robust alternative to traditional 2G networks.

Transition Challenges in the 2G Sunset Era

The video further explores the challenges of the ongoing 2G sunset in South Africa and globally. It outlines how the decreasing availability of 2G networks is creating an urgent need for transition to more advanced technologies like NB-IoT.

To start testing NB-IoT connectivity, sign up for a trial account.

Smart Metering and Asset Tracking: Use Cases for NB-IoT

This video also covers real-world applications where NB-IoT can be a game-changer. Examples include smart metering and asset tracking, particularly in environments that lack consistent power supply. The low power consumption of NB-IoT makes it an ideal solution for such scenarios.

Future of NB-IoT: Expert Insights from Digital Matter

Brandon McKenzie from Digital Matter provides invaluable insights on the company's experience with NB-IoT testing and device manufacturing. He discusses the transition away from 2G technologies and describes how NB-IoT offers enduring, low-power solutions perfectly suited for remote deployments.

Conclusion: A Bright Future for IoT Connectivity with NB-IoT

As we bid adieu to the era of 2G networks, NB-IoT emerges as the future of IoT connectivity, promising lower power consumption and more efficient data transmission.

For a complete understanding of these evolving dynamics, watch the full video discussion here.

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