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Easily Recharge Bulk Airtime or Data for Field Workers with SIMcontrol

2 November, 2023 | Hein Koen
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Sending bulk Airtime and Data bundles to field workers. There is an easy way.\ \ With the rise of connected devices used by field workers, survey and project teams, many companies need an easy and flexible way to recharge existing SIM cards from all mobile networks.\ \ Survey companies also use airtime & mobile data rewards as an instant incentive to take part in surveys or reward programmes. NGO's use recharges for field workers or as a way to help people in need.  

\ Using the SIMcontrol online platform, companies can easily recharge SIM cards in bulk using a simple & easy platform.

SIMcontrol's bulk airtime and data bundle recharge features include:

  • Instant (direct) airtime or data bundle recharges across all mobile networks  
  • Single pre-funded account for all recharges 
  • Simple administration with one invoice
  • Detailed online reporting: Delivery times, success status, cost etc.
  • Scheduled recharge options (i.e. Monday morning, 1st of every month) 
  • Choose any standard data bundle per network, or any airtime amount

SIMcontrol also offers a recharge API that can be integrated with existing systems or processes to trigger instant recharges. This allows recipients to receive instant rewards or prizes sent to their mobile devices.\ \ SIMcontrol is also ideal for shorter-term projects where companies do not want to deploy company devices and SIM cards, but prefer to use existing user's devices and SIMs.\ \ Distributing airtime or data in bulk is simple and easy, with full reporting and easy payments & invoicing. 

\ SIMcontrol works with prepaid, top-up and most contract SIM types from major networks in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.  

\ Get started with SIMcontrol today and simplify your bulk airtime and data bundle distribution.

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