TG Tracking is using SIMcontrol to overcome the complexity and mobile data connectivity challenges inherent to fleet management

About TG Tracking 

TG Tracking, based in Johannesburg, South Africa with offices in North America and Europe, offers a large variety of telematic solutions. Founded in 2017 by the entrepreneur Nick French, the tracking company was born from the fascination of simplifying processes and information for everyday consumers. 

The company's solutions and real-time monitoring software allow customers to view, manage and recover their assets via a range of tracking solutions.

Their solutions include Fleet Management which utilizes the latest in telemetry technology, Asset Tracking that gives the power to monitor any non-powered asset for up to 10 years using battery-powered GPS tracking devices, and Trailer Tracking for trailers of all shapes and sizes using IoT sensors and GPS tracking devices. By making devices smarter, the company is helping its customers optimize the efficiency of their vehicles. 


Since their start in 2017, connectivity has always been a key element of TG Tracking. Every year, TG Tracking invests large sums in its solutions, research and development. The company is constantly striving to make its solutions more efficient and cost-effective in order to improve the customer experience. 

One of the biggest challenges TG Tracking is facing is managing several vehicles across different countries and in completely different routes. 


SIMcontrol's innovative mobile data connectivity solutions allow them to manage their devices on a single platform with an easy-to-use interface. Gone are the days of having to call on different platforms for different telco operators, and manuals to keep track of the tracking devices, assets and company vehicles. 

With SIMcontrol's recharge and schedule rules, TG Tracking can keep track of each vehicle or asset easily and efficiently. In addition, with SIMcontrol's telematics features such as Fleet Optimisation & Route Planning and Fuel Monitoring, the company has been able to see exactly where its vehicles are as well as who accessed them, providing security for the company every time a driver starts up their vehicle.

‘With the mix of schedule and recharge rules and reliable data connectivity solutions of SIMcontrol, we have no connection problems in the African continent. ’

Nick French, Owner, TG Tracking


The biggest advantage of SIMcontrol for TG Tracking is to be able to manage multiple networks on one single platform. TG Tracking's biggest achievement has been to manage local SIMs in multiple countries as they expanded throughout Africa.

For Nick French, SIMcontrol is a user friendly platform, with high scalability and market related pricing. Applicable to so many businesses as a completely automated SIM management platform for staff or M2M applications.

SIMcontrol's Benefits for Tracking Companies 

An invaluable benefit of using SIMcontrol is the ability to simultaneously control multiple SIM types from different networks in smart tracking devices. It is a highly developed platform enabling automated recharges, schedule rules, detailed reporting and SIM balance monitoring. 

SIMcontrol offers different SIM options including Business PrepaidManaged APN and Global Roaming SIM across several mobile networks. With real-time SIM-level monitoring with spending caps, TG Tracking knows exactly where their business stands in terms of device connectivity and delivering a reliable service to their customers. 


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