How Digital Matter increased its revenue by 40% with help from SIMcontrol

A fully integrated online SIM management platform from scratch

Digital Matter, founded in 2000, is a leader in delivering tracking device hardware and IoT solutions for non-powered assets for DRC, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The company was constantly experiencing access breaks while tracking their customer’s company assets. Jeremy Williams, the Managing Director of Digital Matter, experienced mounting frustration as he continued to dedicate a significant amount of time to managing connection issues. He was looking for a reliable network with no connectivity issue when sending transport fleets to destinations like Zimbabwe and Zambia. In addition to lost time, the risk of transporters being hijacked was high. They were looking for a solution that would eliminate the problem. Jeremy knew there had to be a better way to manage data connectivity for tracking devices. He shared his experience with Kees Snijders, the Managing Director of Flickswitch, who always seeks out ways to optimize connectivity technology in IoT businesses. This encouraged the search for better ways to stay in control of the entire SIM card base, including Global Roaming.

The challenges of tracking systems

Whether it is rail carriages, construction equipment, shipping containers or any other non-powered asset, without an automated tracking system, it was very difficult to control the vehicles and assure their security. This was a security weakness which made the assets prone to theft or hijacking. It was challenging to track the various transport fleets and Digital Matter needed a reliable connectivity business partner.

They required two mobile networks when travelling from Zimbabwe to Zambia and the connection reliability was not good. Then they met Flickswitch. Implementing SIMcontrol, an online, easy to use SIM management platform automating and simplifying the managed device connectivity of Digital Matter at scale.

‘We’ve been searching for ways to manage our SIMs we use in tracking devices and reduce errors. Flickswitch’s seamless online SIM management platform is optimizing technology in new ways, saving us time and frustration.’

Jeremy Williams, Digital Matter's Managing Director

Building a better business

With technical guidance from Flickswitch, Digital Matter tested GSM operators Vodacom, MTN and CellC in its tracking devices. They used SIMcontrol’s network agnostic platform to test various SIM options. The results were promising. They then moved on to the large trucks. The truck business is tricky because of the high risk of hijacking. Flickswitch introduced Digital Matter to some Global Roaming options.

Revenue Growth of 40% in 3 years

Digital Matter moved on to the Global Roaming option as they called the second phase of their partnership. What they found most effective was that global roaming is easy to use and flexible, with the possibility of creating custom data recharges, while also helping them overcome issues with reliability of connectivity in different countries. Digital Matter saw fantastic growth over the last 3 years.

Easy to use for IoT business owners & employees

An invaluable benefit of using SIMcontrol is controlling multiple SIM types from different networks in tracking devices simultaneously. It is a highly developed platform that enables automated recharges, schedule rules, detailed reporting and SIM balance monitoring. SIMcontrol offers the choice of Business Prepaid, Managed APN or Global Roaming SIM types across several mobile networks.

With real-time SIM level monitoring with spending caps, Digital Matter knows exactly where their business stands in terms of device connectivity.